Climb to the top - intentionally different

Peak health is the goal. But how do you get there and who can you trust? It takes planning, responsibility and work - no one can do this for you. There are many distractions, detours and dead ends. You need an advisor who is unequivocally on your side, who is transparent and works for you - not your insurer. You have questions and need background education.  What are the pros and cons of multiple options? Time is valuable, and timing is crucial. Your values and perspectives need to be heard and incorporated into the medical plan of care. What if your physician was available on your schedule, for as long as necessary, where-ever you are? Ascent Internal Medicine is intentionally designed with all this in mind.


Medical Record Analysis
The way things are

What purpose does the health care system serve? It should serve the patient with appropriate medical care at the appropriate time for a reasonable cost. Clearly it doesn't and provides the lowest value care anywhere in the world. Why is our system so inefficient? Essentially there is lack of trust, transparency, and time. Concretely, patients access healthcare only after obtaining exorbitant insurance and seeing a "preferred provider", induced by lower out of pocket costs.  Physicians typically attract patients by signing insurance contracts, which stipulate the insurer has "final medical decision making authority", with the intent to influence medical care according to a business plan. Ascent Internal Medicine disintermediates insurers and their influence to benefit you.


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Old + New - different

Medical schools all over the world teach that listening to the patient and taking a detailed history and physical exam are the foundation of excellent health care. One must know the entirety of the patient for context, not focus solely on symptoms and provide generic care. Physicians take the Hippocratic Oath to establish the ethics governing the patient-physician relationship. In this modern era, we now have unprecedented capabilities for communication via text, email and video, all while being secure and private. Ascent Internal Medicine is a culmination of "Old + New".


Medical Consultation
Do what works

The current health care system doesn't work for patients nor physicians, for complimentary reasons. Neither of us are happy with the insurance based system - just ask your current physician. To get the better results we know are possible, we must re-establish the nature of our relationships. We must know and trust each other based on truthful communication. Not only is communication vital, but it is a two way street, requiring feedback to get it right. Quality communication simply takes time - there are no shortcuts.  Provide appropriate medical care, at the right time, where ever you are.